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facial serum

facial serum

Here's a recipe for what I’d like to call a ‘Bright and Beautiful’ facial serum, it’s full of essential oils and apricot oil which is great for skin!

I’ve had problematic skin since I was in high school and have gone through periods of honestly hating my skin/acne. As I’ve gotten older and the acne has not gone away (mostly) I’ve learned that for me stress and diet contribute ALOT to how my face looks and feels. I try to stay away from too much sugar and dairy as those are big triggers for me as well as trying to get rid of stress and tension on the regular. 

Facial Serum

  1. Fill 2oz glass dropper bottle with essential oils listed below, then fill to top with apricot seed oil!

    1. 15 drops frankincense

    2. 15 drops of ylang ylang

    3. 30 drops lavender

    4. 30 drops tea tree

    5. 30 drops geranium

**I'm a member and truly believe in the quality of Young Living Essential Oils, so all oils used and this beauty concoction needs to credit them. Interested in oils? Check them out, Oil Sistas.

r a s p b e r r y • shrub

r a s p b e r r y • shrub

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hiller goodspeed